Post Settings

    How to Manage Post Settings?

  • Step 1: Go to Posts > Add New.
  • Step 2: Enter title and description in its required area.


  • Step 3: Navigate to Format section at right sidebar.
    • 1: Standard: a format set by default, show image on top of single post.
    • 2: Video: choose to display video on single post. To display video, navigate to Post Settings area to insert src code in Video Embed Code field.
    • 3: Audio: choose to display mp4 on single post. To display audio, navigate to Post Settings area to insert code in Audio Embed Code.
    • 4: Gallery: choose to show gallery images on single post.
    • 5: Image: choose this format show only featured image on top of single post.


  • Step 4: Put a check in any of your created category to be assign the single post. A category display all posts related to that category. A short way to create category is to click on + Add New Category. A dropdown appear where you just write the category name and click on the Add New Category. Assign parent category only when you want to create a child category.


  • Step 5: Works just like the category. Usually show at bottom of each page to display all tag related posts. Write some text under tags input box and click on Add button will show you a new tag at post.

    Featured Image

  • Step 6: Navigate to Featured image box at right side of post and upload image from your pc or from media library. This is the image that display on start of the post and also on the pages as a post preview.

    Post Settings

  • Step 7: Scroll down to Post Settings area to customize post settings.
    • 1: Banner Title: provide the banner title of post.
    • 2: Subtitle: provide the subtitle of post.
    • 3: Header Image: upload image to show on post header.
    • 4: Sidebar: select any sidebar to show on post.
    • 5: Page Layout: choose any post layout.
    • 6: Video Embed Code: provide code here in order to choosing video format.
    • 7: Audio Embed Code: provide code here in order to choosing audio format.
    • 8: Show User Meta: enable to show meta info on single post.
    • 9: Show Social Icons: enable to show social icon on single post.
    • 10: Show Related Posts: enable to show related post on single post.


How to enter data in Dastak Theme.