Header Settings

Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings > Header Settings.

    How to Setup Header Style and Topbar?

  • Step 1: Expand the settings page and choose one of the four header style to be apply on site header.
  • Step 2: To setup the header topbar, enable / disable buttons will show / hide the given options on header topbar i.e show cart, login button, search bar, social icon, sticky menu, header email, and header phone number. Remember, these options not support all the header styles except few styles. Save Changes.
  • Note: Set the Favicon on your theme tab by pressing the Choose File option to upload image.

    How to Set Logo on Header?

  • Step 1: Expand the logo settings section and choose any logo type…
    • 1: In order to choose Logo With Image type, upload logo image by clicking on Choose File and set the logo width and height by scrolling bar.
    • 2: In order to choose Logo With Text type, put your logo text in Logo Heading field and change your logo text size, font family, color etc…
  • Step 2: Save Changes.