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Are you navigating for the best theme, plugins & demo installation service? That perfectly aligns with your requirements and let your concerns into solutions.

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We install professional premium WordPress themes from our portfolio as well as other professional theme authors. Webinane also has a strong WordPress themes portfolio for your business, nonprofit, hotel, business, religious, and other themes.

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Plugins Installation

Every theme is run with the plugins attached to its downloadable package. We set the optimum settings and installed the theme's plugins to make a smooth combination. These plugins aren't just bundles they're expertly developed for harmonious and high performance. We aim to provide a hassle-free, fully functional website right out of the box.

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This plugin is exclusively developed for donation and fundraising purposes. It is specifically optimized for use with Lifeline, Lifeline 2, Deeds, Deeds 2, and Activista themes.

However, anyone interested in donations and fundraising wishes to utilize this plugin with a different theme. We offer customization services to accommodate these unique requirements.

Lifeline Donations Pro Extensions:

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Demo Content Installation: has developed themes with deep and practical methods. Our themes incorporate a comprehensive array of features to guide users in applying the best back and front-end settings.

We've dedicated extensive effort to importing demo content. Our refined process of installation ensures yields outstanding results. As the creators of these themes, we possess in-depth knowledge about demo installation and data optimization. Therefore, entrusting us with the task is the superior choice for optimal results.

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