5 Big Reasons You Should Prefer Paid WordPress Themes over Free Ones

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  • July 07, 2021
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How it comes that over 11 million developers are using WordPress and nearly 28% of the top 100 million websites are based on this platform?
WordPress as an interactive blog building platform is enough to create you a simple, functional blog with least effort and all in a few minutes. But it will have an oversimplified design and limited functionalities. For example, there will be a single post style, few widgets and a naïve header. Logically, you won’t be able to develop an advanced, sophisticated website with multiple post styles, social media integration, online shopping system, and so on.
Obviously, you can extend the functionality of WordPress by integrating additional tools, like themes and plugins. WordPress is not only free and priceless, it is also receptive and flexible. The WordPress themes, available over the web, can be grouped into two broad categories: free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes.
Premium versus Free WordPress Themes:
The premium or paid WordPress themes are those accessory website building tools which you have to buy before using. The free ones, on the other hand are available totally free of cost and they are in thousands! It means, while remaining in your budget, you can easily add to the layout and performance of your website.
Using a free template seems to be a better choice. But can you justify this claim? If you think the free themes should be preferred over their paid counterparts, just try to answer the following questions?
  • Though there is a great variety of such themes to choose from, what if you are unable to find the one that appropriately serves the modern demands of your project?
  • What will you do if some widgets and elements are not functional?
  • How will you deal with errors in the coding?
  • What if you get confused about the working of certain features?
  • Who will provide you free Customer Support for a free theme?
  • What if the theme does not support free or premium plugins?
  • If a free product does not give device and search engine optimization, will you be ready to bear heavy cost of imparting such vital functionalities?
Definitely, you can provide acceptable answers to some of the above questions but they will involve spending money. For example, in case of perplexing coding errors, you will have to hire the costly services of experts. Secondly, you will need money to buy premium plugins for imparting additional essential functionalities.
So, when you are ready to spend a big amount to buy plugins and deal with the designing and functional inefficiency of a free theme, why shouldn’t you an economical premium theme that will also give you the peace of mind? A good quality niche-specific premium product that has won confidence of the users will give everything related to your niche.
Listed below are 5 big reasons you should use a premium WordPress theme instead of the free one.
Latest Premium Features:
A free WP template would seldom bring premium features. The developers offer a theme as free only after it stops fetching the required number of sales. When the features become outdated, a website template loses its appeal.
A premium theme, on the other hand, brings with it lots of premium features which you really need to modernize your website. Take the example of MagUp WP theme, which brings free and paid blogging system for modern magazine, blog and review websites. With the latest market-oriented features, you can make your project more user-interactive and true to its cause.
No Coding or Designing Errors:
If you buy a premium theme from a trusted, 5-star rated author, it is likely to be free from the errors in coding or designing, like Deeds nonprofit church organization WP template. You will get a beautiful well-organized homogenous layout and streamlined working.
Integrated Premium Plugins:
Almost always, a premium WordPress theme would bring a pack of premium plugins, like Visual Composer, Layer Slider, Slider Revolution, and so on. These additional tools not only add to ease of customization at the backend and powerful working at the frontend but also save you a lot of amount. For example, only three of the premium plugins in Lifeline premium charity WordPress theme save you as much as $76! And what is the fee of regular license? It’s not more than $59, which means you are saving much more than you are paying.
Additional Ease of Use:
The premium features and extended backend options make it easy for you to personalize the theme. For example, there may be page builder tools (like Visual Composer) which compress the several-step processes to just on/off switches. In technically advanced themes, like Electric WordPress theme, you are also provided with the live preview of the editing at the backend as well as the live frontend editing.
Customer Support – A Big Advantage:
It is one of the greatest benefits of buying the premium themes. Here you are not alone – there is a team of professionals with you! The developers of premium WordPress themes offer to provide post-purchase customer support. They help you out in installing the demo, customizing layout and dealing with any issues related to website management. For example, it is partly due to the excellent customer support the buyers have given five start rating to Electric multipurpose WordPress theme for all sort of small and large business, portfolios, insurance, marketing, finance, freelancer and shopping websites.
Summing up, though free WordPress themes don’t pose financial burden, they give you convenience and perfection. Sometimes, they can even become a nuisance with a pack of puzzling problems. What will you do then? You’ll definitely have to spend a lot of money. Won’t it be better to buy a premium WordPress theme against a small amount and enjoy countless big financial and other benefits along with complete peace of mind. The choice is anyhow always yours, likely to be influenced by your immediate financial circumstances.

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