5 Latest WordPress Themes Developed by Webinane

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  • July 07, 2021
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Thousands of authors are thriving on ThemeForest. Some attract clients through extensive and costly marketing campaigns while others rely solely on the quality of their products, WordPress themes, to win the hearts of users. Webinane belongs to the latter kind. Though the Webinane products mostly remain unknown but once the users come by them accidently and use them, they can’t resist to give 5-star ratings. Such is the worth and authority of WordPress themes. 
Top Traits of Webinane Premium WordPress Themes: 
Always Unique: 
People want change as it is ‘the only permanent phenomenon in the world’. The Webinane themes always bring a unique and matchless design. The innovative structuring and styling of every single element, widget and section renders the overall layout totally matchless. It appeals the sense of vision and triggers the desire to explore deeper. 
Always Lightweight: 
Among other things, Webinane’s top priorities include making the theme fast loading. And this can be achieved through compact, precise and minimalist coding. The inevitable result is a lightweight theme. It renders amazingly fast page loading speed, thereby becoming the favorite of critical-minded web developers. 
Always Error Free: 
Be it in design or coding, an error is a source of serious troubles in future. An error in one feature may disturb the functioning of several other elements for everything is closely interlinked. That is why, the professional minds at Webinane always give primary importance to making the theme totally error-free. So, you don’t have to encounter any troubles regarding the framework and functioning. 
Always Search Engine Friendly: 
What will you do of a sophisticated, feature-rich website if it is unable to earn the favor of search engines? Definitely, if a website is not known to the people it is of no use, no worth. The Webinane Team employs all the advanced tactics, from streamlined coding to the installation of plugins, to optimize the theme for search engine. 
Always Easiest-to-Customize: 
After purchasing a suitable theme for your website, the major concern of all is how to personalize it. It’s probably the most difficult job especially for those who are new to the field. Powered by the page builder plugins, like Visual Composer, the backend panel contains extensive, quick and easy to use options. Applying custom ready-to-use widgets from Webinane sounds a great fun. 
Always On-Time Customer Support: 
The 5-star rating earned by the Webinane premium WordPress themes is partly owed to the on-time top-notch customer support. There is two-tire support system consisting of CEO’s Help Desk and the Support Team Portal. The highly-satisfied customers leave positive comments. 
5 Latest WordPress Themes Developed by Webinane 
Webinane has produced over a dozen first-rate WordPress themes with each being the result of year-long research and professional endeavor. The updates are launched regularly with advanced features to keep the products up-to-date and keep pace with the evolving market demands. Here are the 5 latest WordPress themes developed by Webinane along with the distinguishing traits and pros and cons of each. 
Probiz – Clean & Flexible Multipurpose Business and Corporate WordPress Theme 
The time has changed and it’s ever changing – and so the online business parameters. It seems, while developing Probiz multipurpose WordPress business theme, Webinane team was mindful of the changing dynamics of business. 
Probiz package includes several matchless homepage layouts, developed exclusively for the niches of Business, Corporate (2 homepages) and Startup, etc. So, you won’t have to create a fresh layout for a specific business domain. Multiple layouts, lots of built-in ready-to-work features and elements, and unlimited custom options at the backend make it suitable for any business-related website. 
Header tells about the grand style of your website. Also different niches of business require a special type of header. With 4 predefined headers, you can easily do that. Each is further customizable for a new layout and options. 
You can also build self-expressive slideshows for products with the help of a powerful slideshow builder tool, Slider Revolution. 
  • Complete business package based on advanced WordPress industry standards.
  • Fully optimized for small and large businesses, corporate, startup, agency and consultation website.
  • 6+ niche-specific, flexible layouts.
  • Quickly personalize websites with Visual Composer page builder tool – the plugin saves you $34!
  • 4+ personalizable headers with “sticky” option.
  • Slider Revolution to create vigorously animated slideshows – the plugin saves you $25!
  • 1-Click demos installation.
  • 5-star rating, regular updates and excellent customer support.
  • Very economically priced.

  • Does not support WooCommere.
  • Not suitable for an online shop.
  • Payment gateways are not integrated.
  • Header styles limited to four (But you can do with that).

MagUp – Fastest Loading, Ad-Optimized Magazine Blog WordPress Theme

Features Demo

“Mag up” your blog, and you need it! It’s fully loaded with up-to-date features and functionalities to build you a state-of-the-art magazine blog. There are 5+ fresh home layouts, making the theme fit for other niches of blogging as well, like newspaper, publishing and reviews.

What makes MagUp premium blog and magazine WordPress theme stand out in a crowd is its fast loading speed, powerful advertisement management system and free/paid guest post submission system. With 100/100 page loading speed, it emerges as the fastest loading WordPress theme ever created. The same has been verified by Google and GTMetrix.

Usually, the main source of income for an online blog or magazine is through advertisement. With the utilitarian advertisement managements system, you can fully monetize the website while placing ads at all the naturally fitting locations.

The paid guest posting system can serve as the secondary source of income and, if successful, it can earn you a huge amount! Meanwhile, you can also accept free guest posts. You can earn indirectly from free guest posts as the increasing number of posts on your magazine blog will lead to more traffic and thus more money through ads.

  • The fastest loading WordPress based theme ever created – 100/100 page score on Google and GTMetrix.
  • Built-in, fully managed Free/Paid Guest Posting System.
  • Coupon system for special discounts on different packages for paid guest posts.
  • Option for selecting currency symbol.
  • 5+ easy-to-personalize homepages – theme equality suitable for Magazines, Reviews, Newspaper and Publishing websites.
  • Extensive, utilitarian advertisement system.
  • Flawless admin and reader based rating system integrated.
  • Fully device optimized with a mobile-friendly layout.
  • Supports language with RTL (Right-to-Left) writing system.

  • Lacks WooCommerce platform for building an online shop.
  • BuddyPress plugin is not integrated.
  • Only 5 homepage variants (Personal Blog WP theme brings nearly two dozen homepages!).

Medicalist – All-in-One Package for First-Rate Medical Projects

Features Demo

It brings you the worlds most advanced Appointment System! Isn’t it something you need most for hospital, clinic, hematology services, drug store, hair loss and eyecare center? There is also a highly-developed blood donation management system. So, you realize it’s not an ordinary premium medical WordPress theme. In fact, it is an all-in-one medical project management package based on the latest, up-to-date web building standards.

The lively, and refreshing graphics with ultra HD visuals serve as an indicator of the superb health – you’ll really appreciate.

There are 9+ creative homepage layouts which you can use to build any type of medical website with literally zero or little editing. And the powerful page builder tool is always there with Webinane WordPress themes. Use it with confidence to personalize as well as control the layout and functionalities both at the backend and the frontend.

With Medicalist, you can build a medical gallery in as many as six different styles. At the same time, there are also special pages for managing departments, services, timetables, teams, events, donation reports, and so on.

Using the accordion based “Refer a Patient” form, you can organize patient’s information and send request to a specialist for their treatment.

  • All-in-one medical website package with several home layouts and dozens of predefined pages.
  • Most advanced Appointment Management System.
  • “Make an Appointment” form – fantastic both on designing and practical fronts.
  • Blood Donation System with donation reporting.
  • Multiple styles for managing departments, real stories, services and teams.
  • “Refer a Patient” form included.
  • Online medical shop management with cart, checkout, wishlist and my account pages.
  • Lively graphics with super HD visuals.
  • Functional pregnancy calculator system.
  • 6+ further customizable header styles.
  • Donors and sponsors management.

  • Lacks RTL feature to support language with right-to-left writing system.
  • Single “Our Shop” style. (However, it supports product sorting and pagination.)
  • “Refer a Patient” form needs to be made functional. (That’s easy and fast.)

Flavia – One of the Finest WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Features Demo

Flavia – the least expensive yet one of the most advanced WooCommerce WordPress themes ever. It is available on the discounted price of just $19 (as of July 21, 2017). It’s multipurpose – build any type of online shop in minutes. Here you don’t need to stuff all the products on a single page – manage different types of products (e.g. accessories, computers, film camera, video set, movie camera, jewelry, etc.) on 9+ predefined product categories pages.

The online shop system is complete with all the essential parameters, including my account, cart and checkout systems and multiple payment options. There are 6+ pages for managing single product details.

Megamenu makes very economical use of space to accommodate maximum features, including two product carousels and products with images and discounted price. A product listing tabber is also featured. Still the megamenu is not unusually large or over-stretching. Visit live demo to see how.

To make online shopping easy for the buyers, a product search filter is provided on the header. The popup based account login and shopping cart are also provided on the top section of the page.

  • A lightweight, fast loading WordPress project with ultra-fine design and features.
  • 8+ Homepages with unique, research-based design.
  • Easy editing and full control (Use built-in Visual Composer).
  • Product Quick View supported with popup window.
  • Popup based Account Login and Cart on header.
  • Smart, extra-featured megamenu.
  • 9+ Product Categories management styles.
  • 6+ Detail Product styles.
  • Supports languages like Hebrew, Persian, Arabic and Urdu that have right-to-left (RTL) format.
  • Get it only for $19 – 65% off! (as of July 22, 2017).

  • Back-to-top button is not provided.
  • At some points, images are devoid of animation.
  • The homepages are numbered but not named as each serves a specific cause.

80’s Mod – Mature, Vintage Styled WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Features Demo

Old is gold but a modernized classic is diamond. This is what you find in 80’s Mod – it adds vitality to the classical looks. So, you get a design and layout that is at the same time composed and invigorating. Decent color patterns combine with the ultra HD visuals to create a fantastic yet realistic world. Just visit Live Demo for a hypnotizing effect.

To keep pace with the ever-evolving market demands, the theme is regularly updated with the addition of new features. For example, over 2 dozen new features were added in the May 29, 2017 update alone. Also almost all the buyers have rated the product 5-star.

The compact, minimalist coding makes the theme as lightweight as possible. Resultantly, Google gives it over 85 scores for page speed. Today users are least willing to wait for even a few seconds and they don’t need to do so – the webpage will load in the fraction of a second.

As a multipurpose WooCommerce theme, 80’s Mod covers all the niches of an online shop or super store. There are 6+ homepage layouts, so you can easily style your products according to the nature of the products you want to sell. Each can be completely personalized with Visual Composer page builder which is the easiest-to-use webpage editing tool ever.

You may like to earn some extra cash from ads on your shopping website. So do it right away – 80’s Mod vintage styled shopping WooCommerce WordPress theme is fully ad optimized. You can display ads in several naturally fitting locations.

  • Creative blending of the classical with the new.
  • Dynamic visual brilliance visible from every nook and corner.
  • 6+ homepages to be personalized quickly through Visual Composer editing tool.
  • Nearly three dozen useful elements with fully responsive layout.
  • Graceful megamenu with blog posts, Instagram Feed and carousel for top-selling products.
  • Over a dozen blog management styles, including Standard, Image, Gallery, HTML Style, Vimeo Video, and YouTube Video, etc.
  • Complete shop functionality with three product styles – My Account, Wishlist, Cart and Checkout pages included.
  • Popup based cart and product filter options on header.

  • Does not support RTL (right-to-left) languages, like Hebrew, Persian and Arabic.
  • Only 3 header styles (But you can create more through unlimited custom options).
  • Black color is dominant (It renders classic looks).

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