Best WordPress Theme to Get Donations In Europe for Your Nonprofit Organization

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  • July 07, 2021
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  1. Looking for a WordPress theme to self-create a practical non-profit website?
  2. Want a platform with a plethora of gateways to reach each donor with multiple payment options?
  3. Craving to learn how to get donations with European’s favorite payment processor, Stripe?

Here you will learn about:

  • Lifeline 2 – the world’s best WordPress theme to get donations for your non-profit,
  • Its specialties,
  • Working, ranking & rating,
  • Pros and cons,
  • Integrated 14+ payment gateways, &
  • How to create and validate Stripe Account.

Mostly, the donors are passionate to support your noble cause but they don’t have the suitable, convenient and affordable platform to reach you. 

Help them out because their donations are the lifeline for your charity and non-profit project.

How You Can Get Donations Online:

You can discuss it for days but still you won’t be able to appreciate enough the vital role played by localized online payment gateways for collecting donations. 

A user-friendly and reliable payment processing system, like Stripe, not only ensures safe and secure transfer of electronic money but also saves you from any unexpected hassle.

For getting online donations, a payment gateway alone can do nothing. 

It needs to be integrated in a decent and professional online platform built on a solid, tech-savvy, competent and powerful content management system, like WordPress. 

A WordPress based non-profit theme is the most practical option for those who want to set up an outstanding and professional donation, charity and fundraising website with a limited budget and without much effort.

Best WordPress Theme to Get Donations for Your Nonprofit:

As a researcher, you might have come across thousands of non-profit WordPress themes and appreciated hundreds of them. 

But it is also a reality that the world has never seen a theme which is so complete and offers as many as 14+ online payment processing gateways to reach donors in any nook and corner of the world with multiple options for funds transfer. 

It is Lifeline 2. With Lifeline 2 you can get donation not only through credit card and direct bank transfer but also the fastest, economical and reliable payment gateways, like Stripe, PayPal and 2Checkout, etc.

The theme also has other non-profit friendly features, like Recurring Donations Management System and Volunteer Management System.

Lifeline 2 Is Best Suited for:

  • Donation Based Websites
  • Fundraising
  • NGO
  • Charity
  • Non-profit
  • Church
  • Politics
  • Environment

Lifeline 2 Feature Highlights:

  • Best WordPress theme for donation collection.
  • A complete system in itself.
  • Rated 4.52 stars out of 5!
  • 14+ fully integrated payment gateways.
  • Recurring automated donations.
  • Campaign and events management.
  • Responsive and speed optimized.
  • Best SEO standards.
  • Auto, one-click demo installation.
  • Auto updates installation.
  • 7+ Feature-rich, flexible Demos.
  • Unlimited customization possibilities.
  • Several absolutely free premium plugins.
  • Redux based options panel.
  • Shopping cart and checkout integration.

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Lifeline 2 is a wonderfully constructed and seamlessly handsome, modern and lightweight, fast-loading and responsive WordPress nonprofit multipurpose website theme.Colorlib.comHot on the heels of the popular Lifeline theme comes Lifeline 2 – a reimagined nonprofit or charity-based theme encompassing almost everything you’ll need to create a high-quality

Specialties of Lifeline 2 as a Fundraising Project:

Built on the solid and well-structured framework of WordPress, Lifeline 2 is a responsive, flexible and exclusively user-friendly non-profit and charity theme with dozens of special features. 

In this donation-friendly theme of the rarest merit, you will come across the following specialties:

Worldwide Reach for Donation Collection:

Lifeline 2 is the only theme in the world which offers convenient worldwide reach for the collection of donations. 

This exclusive specialty comes from the complete integration of as many as 12+ payment processing options. 

As no single payment gateway is of global reach, a fundraising or NGO project must include multiple options to reach the global community of donors as found in Lifeline 2. 

The theme not only covers the entire world but also gives several online payment options to every single donor living in any part of the world.

Recurring Automated Donations:

With Lifeline 2, you can make one-time or automated recurring donations (weekly, monthly, half-yearly, yearly, etc.) from your own country or region and in your own currency via bank transfer, credit card, Stripe, PayPal and other online payment gateways. 

With the facility of Recurring Donations System, the donors can specify an amount and pre-set the suitable period for recurring donations. 

The given amount shall be automatically transferred to your NGO or charity firm.

Volunteer Management System:

Volunteer Management System of Lifeline 2 helps a nonprofit organization to build a community of volunteers and utilize their financial potential when they are dealing with a disaster or pursuing a noble cause.

There is a “Become a Volunteer” form which allows an individual to join a charity organization as a volunteer. 

The form is customizable & responsive. Adjust it in the main content area or sidebar.

Charity Campaign Management:

You launch a nonprofit project to work on a cause, and you need to run charity campaigns for that. 

Here you have custom post types to manage causes and campaigns. Causes are displayed with the Donation amount required.

Testimonials & Upcoming Events Management:

Testimonials throw weight behind your project and determine its credibility. 

You can display real comments of the individuals or groups connected with your charity project in the Testimonials section. 

Meanwhile, you can manage upcoming charity events gallery with a countdown timer. 

The Detail Page gives complete social integration & elaboration with Donate Now & other widgets in the sidebar.

Sponsor a Child:

On your Lifeline 2 platform, you can convince the donor to sponsor a child. 

For this a working “Sponsor a Child” form is integrated. 

Displaying the picture of a helpless child alongside the form will arouse the emotions of wealthy businessmen.

Other Specialties:

It addition to exclusive donation related features, Lifeline 2 offers a great opportunity for those who want to build a graphically versatile, nimble and respectable charity platform from scratch with least expertise and effort. 

You don’t need to write a single line of code to create fresh post and pages with attractive designs.

Auto, Single Click Demo Installation:

Accurate and 100% installation of the theme requires just a click. 

As you click on the option for theme installation, the process starts and goes on automatically and smoothly till you get the message “All Done, Have Fun!”.

Auto Updates Installation:

You definitely need updates, but there is no need to search for them and worry about the manual installation. 

As soon as an update is launched for the theme or plugins, the Auto Update System of Lifeline 2 comes into action to install them automatically for you.

7+ Device Optimized Demos:

Being an all-inclusive non-profit package, Lifeline 2 has 7+ artistically fresh and functionally perfect Demos. 

Each Demo is device- and niche optimized. 

The intuitive layout automatically detects changing screen dimensions to readjust itself fully.

Unlimited Customization Possibilities:

As each of the 7+ demos is fully optimized for a specific niche, you can still personalize the layout and functionality according to your needs. 

Hundreds of easy and user-friendly options at the backend offer unlimited customization possibilities.

Absolutely Free Premium Plugins:

Several premium plugins have been included and fully integrated into the theme absolutely free for the users.

Redux Based Admin Options:

The developers of Lifeline 2 have used the advanced Redux Framework while building Options Panel. 

Various custom options have been concentrated at a single place. S

o, there is no need to wander around for making changes. 

The executions are also smooth.

Latest SEO Standards:

Search engine optimization is just like the “wings” of your online project. 

With the latest SEO standards, utilized in Lifeline 2, your non-profit project will get higher ranking and easy visibility on the search engine.

Speed Optimized:

Slow page loading is stressful and disappointing. 

Speed optimization of Lifeline 2 allows for quick loading of pages and saves precious time of the users. 

It has shown excellent results on multiple page speed testing tools.

Shopping Cart and Checkout Integration:

You can also run an online shop on your charity website to support your cause by earning some additional amount by the sale of religious or other items. 

For this, fully managed shopping cart and checkout system is integrated.

14+ Payment Gateways of Lifeline 2 For Different Countries:

With 14+ payment processing gateways, Lifeline 2 is the world’s first ever non-profit theme which reaches every individual across the globe with multiple options for the collection of funds. 

So, the donors can transfer funds with whatever way they find convenient and affordable for themselves.

These payment gateways include:

  • Stripe: Working in over two dozen countries of the world, Stripe is an easy, fast, secure and ECONOMICAL option for funds transfer. If supported in your country, you can accept payment from anywhere in the world.

  • Online Bank Transfer: Direct or online bank transfer works in any country, territory and region of the world. But it may be a bit expensive as well as time taking.

  • PayPal: The world’s largest payment processing network, PayPal operates in more than 200 countries and territories of the world. But you may not like its fees.

  • 2CheckOut: Supported in over 44 countries of the world, it helps you accept payments from credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

  • Braintree: Competing with 2CheckOut for quality of services and worldwide reach, Braintree is offering services in around four dozen countries of the world.

  • Authorize.Net: A fast progressing payment gateway, Authorize.Net will help you collect donations online or through mobile credit card processing.

  • Yandex: Based in Russia but incorporated in the Netherlands, the Yandex payment processor is extending its services to other countries. It accepts payment through bank cards, Sberbank online, PayPal and other options.

  • Paymaster: A multi-channel payment processing gateway of global reach, Paymaster provides local e-payment solutions to international customers. With this full-service Payment Service Provider, the donors will get the facility to pay in their preferred method and in local currency.

  • CardCom: Offering funds transfer services in Israel, it is a fast and secure payment gateway. With this option, the amount can be transferred from a credit card to a local bank account within 24 hours.

  • BluePay: Operating in US, Canada and other countries of the world, if offers the facilities like quick Mobile Credit Card Processing to the donor to transfer charity funds.

  • PayStack: PayStack is a local payment gateway in Nigeria. With it, the donors can make one-off or recurring online payments in a modernized, safe and secure manner.

  • PayUMoney: This payment service provider is working in India. The donors will like this method especially for its affordability.

  • Conekta: The Mexico based Conekta payment gateway, is the payment engine for LATAM airlines. It can easily process online and offline payments to send and receive money.

  • QuickPay: A dynamic, secure and reliable payment gateway, QuickPay supports all the common payment options, like wire transfer, credit cards and invoice. It’s based in Denmark.
Simple Steps to Activate Stripe in Europe

It is as easy as anything to create and activate Stripe account and keep it safe. 

Through the feature-rich and friendly user interface of Stripe Dashboard, you can easily manage payments and refunds, monitor your integration, respond to disputes and do more.

Detailed below are the simple steps to create and activate your Stripe Account.

Steps to Create Your Stripe Account in Europe:

  • Navigate to the Stripe website and locate “Create Account” or “Sign Up” button over there.
  • On the “Sign Up” page, you need to provide Email Address, Full Name and a Strong Password.
  • Click on the “Create Your Stripe Account” button, an email validation link will be sent to your email address.
  • Click on the email validation link in your inbox, and you will be led to the confirmation page.
  • Enter the password and the email account will be validated.
Steps to Activate Your Stripe Account in Europe:

  • Login to your Stripe account to access Stripe Dashboard.
  • To the top left on the dashboard, locate and click on the option “Activate Your Account”. Here you will be asked several questions related to the business.
  • Provide answers to the question and move to the bottom of the dashboard to provide your bank account details.
  • After providing personal information and other data, click on the “Activate Account” button. You may get a contact call for the confirmation of the details provided.
  • You will get a message on the top of the dashboard “Thanks for activating your account: You can now make live transactions”.
It’s done! Have fun!

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