Best Blog WordPress Theme from Webinane

Best Blog WordPress Theme from Webinane

What You Really Need for a Modern Professional Blog:

A blog is as easy to build as it is popular nowadays.A variety of modern tools are available which make the job incredibly easy and quick.But what are the basic things that you must look for to build a professional blog?The first thing is that you must choose a strong base where the skyscraper of your blog can easily stand.

In this regard, WordPress is the best blog CMS available in the market.But this alone cannot do the job as gracefully as you need.The idea of choosing a WP based theme immediately pop ups in the mind - and that’s a really good idea!Still you need to be careful as all blog themes cannot give you the best blog that you must be dreaming of.So, you should go for only that theme that is considered a masterpiece of professional expertise.

The ideal templates are usually rare to find.Yet, there is no need to dwell in the realm of uncertainty.Here is the best blog WordPress theme from Webinane in the form of Personal. Personal is a premium blog WordPress theme that serves many jobs without a bit of compromise for quality and professionalism at any point.Here you can see an ideal blending of diversity with perfection.

Personal theme offers as many as 40+ ways to build a modern blog, decently furnished in all ways and measures. It covers all the possible niches of blogging, including personal, CV, video, modern pictorial, fashion, social sharing, Pinterest grid, minimal, detailed, simple texty, fancy, and so on. All the basic and advanced requirements of these niches of blogging have been completely fulfilled.

40+ Ways to Build a Blog—Diversity Blended with Perfection:

Dozens of Luxuriously Furnished Layouts:

There are dozens of artistically framed and luxuriously furnished homepage layouts, each specialized for and devoted to a specialized cause.For example, if you switch to a simple texty version, it will present a full range of features related to a smart texty blog. The design alternatives are: wide, right sidebar and left sidebar.In the sidebar versions, a number of useful widgets have been vertically arranged in a column to the left or right as the case may be.

These widgets include tabber-powered posts, social media management, search bar, carousel-supported Latest News, and so on.You can place even more elements from the available collection.Parallax sections, large images, textual elements with enhanced readability, pagination support and many other features beautify and empower the layout of this simple texty homepage.The same is the case with all other homepage layouts, i.e. each is unique and replete with the relevant niche-specific elements.

Research-Based, Future-Oriented Design:

The design of Personal WordPress blog theme could not be finalized unless all the issues faced by the modern bloggers and their demands were pinpointed by the Webinane Research Wing.Resultantly, this product has emerged as the first ever blog WordPress theme with truly research-based design that is meant to serve the advanced requirements of the modern-day bloggers.It offers the best solution to all those critical issues that were never addressed before.

In short, it is born to live for decades, i.e. its appeal won’t fade a bit even after several years have passed.Meanwhile, the developers keep on developing and launching the updated versions of the theme with latest tweaks.Another amazing thing is that Webinane Web Developers, the creator of the theme, are offering automatic update system which will automatically install an update as soon as it is launched.

Highly Flexible & Ready-to-Use—Zero Coding Required!

Complete in all ways and all measures, Personal blog WordPress theme is ready for use without requiring an additional finishing from the users.Anyhow, if any user still needs any type of modifications, all can be done without touching a single line of coding.It is because the theme is highly flexible where every type of personalization is the matter of a few clicks. You can start building the site with ‘single click demo installation’.

From the back-end, as you click on the “Import Demo Settings”, all the demo data will be imported in less than two minutes! Besides facilitating the customization activity at the back-end, the built-in Visual Composer page builder also allows for fron-tend editing. So you can play with the features and design of your blog in a pleasant and fun-yielding way.

Bold, Authoritative Anterior:

The top of the website matters more than anything else as it is the first thing that the visitors come across as they visit onto a web-based project.That is why, the developers have furnished it with maximum energy and dynamics. There are 6+ unique header styles, with each expressive in look and vibrant in design. Then comes the mega menu in three different versions.Their specialty lies in support for diverse, powerful elements and higher level of flexibility.

Here, in addition to tags and fairly large images, you can also put videos and sliders with navigation arrows and clickable “View” button. Regarding the number of columns, you can choose single column, double column or triple column layouts.

Several Gallery and Blog Post Styles:

In Personal WordPress blog theme, the users are being offered several unique and youthful styles for gallery and blog posts. Utilizing various available versions, you can easily build image, audio, video and mix gallery either in wide layout or with sidebar to the left or right.Turning to blog, there are eight blog post styles, each supporting pagination, widgetized sidebar and a number of post formats, including image, text, video, slider, social media, tags, and so on. Most importantly, there is an enhanced, extra-beautified look and focused readability.

Ever Easier and Quicker Navigation: If you are going to launch a large and bulky blog site, you must also have a sound plan for making its navigation fast and fleeting.A junk of haphazardly arranged posts will only be the cause of a great confusion for the users as they won’t be able to find a way through it.So, you should select a theme with navigation pathways which are easy and quick to follow.

The most carefully framed menus and mega menus give you a ‘flying’ route to reach the desired category of posts.In case, you have scrolled sufficiently down on a lengthy page, the “back-to-top” button on the bottom right corner takes you back to the top of the page with just a click.

Free Premium Plugins - Save More Than You Spend!

Seemingly, a theme with 40+ ways to build a blog must cost hundreds of dollars, making it very difficult for the low-budget buyers to enjoy its great accomplishments.But, Personal proves to be an exception, i.e. it costs you just around $43! Now look at the level of economy it offers.On account of only two of its premium plugins, i.e. Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, you can save as much as $50! Such an unbelievably economical deals really very rare to find.

Multilingual + RTL Support:

Once you have launched a blog over the web, it is only a single click away from the internet users living in any corner of the world.But, if people are unable to translate the content into the language of their choice, it can also be considered at the distance of infinity from them.This isn’t going to be the case with Personal which offers built-in support for all the major languages of the world including those that follow right-to-left writing system, such as Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, and so on.

So a person, speaking any language of the world, would be in a position to quickly get the translation of the content into a language they have full command at.

Summing Up:

After having gone through the above described mega functionalities, one can claim it with 100% confidence that Personal is an exceptionally powerful blog WordPress theme that alone is enough to build every type of blog. At the same time, it is highly flexible and wonderfully easy to customize.There are unlimited easy-to-use custom options at the intuitive back-end panel.

The economy, meanwhile, goes beyond the bounds as you can save more than what you spend only on account of the two of the pre-built premium plugins, i.e. Visual Composer and Slider Revolution.So, it is time to get the theme that have been occupying your dreams since very long - Personal premium WordPress blog theme is waiting to shape the fortune of your modern blog project!

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