Top WordPress Registration Plugin

On the majority of websites, there is an option of registration through which the users can create their account and log in to avail additional services. However, at some places, it is made compulsory for the users to get registered and then access the web content. To whatever category your website belongs, your primary concern must be the functioning of the registration system. After laborious research and tough scrutiny, a list of the best WordPress registration plugins has been prepared for you as given below:

Pie Register—WordPress Registration Plugin

Free Download

This advanced, yet free, account creation plugin is so popular among the users that hundreds of thousands of copies have been downloaded. Among a variety of its customization possibilities, there include options for changing logo and color schemes. With this tool, it becomes considerably easy to add a customized user registration system to a site or blog very quickly. Some of its other advanced features include:

  • PayPal integration to charge users for registration
  • Multiple custom options for personalization
  • Option for Admin Moderation or Email Verification
  • Ready-to-use shortcodes and widgets
  • Custom profile pages creation
  • CAPTCHA validation and invitation codes

Register Plus Redux—WordPress Registration Plugin

Free Download

Register Plus Redux makes the process of signup or registration so quick and easy. You can not only customize it from all angles but also get facilitated with additional administration options. With this plugin, you can also require the users to prove the legitimacy of their email address to complete the signup process. Its appeal lies in the following major aspects:

  • Email verification by the users for signup
  • Verification of new users by administrator
  • Auto login after the completion of registration
  • Option for Email to be used alternatively as Username
  • Option to display password strength meter
  • Invitation code system
  • Add more custom fields, like radio buttons, text area, check boxes, select, text box, etc.
  • Optional functionality of ReadyGraph
  • Increase user flow with viral friend invites

WP User Control—WordPress Registration Plugin

Free Download

Here the users will be able to register and login to your website or change the lost password while remaining on the same location. Some of its key features are listed as under:

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Supporting WordPress MultiSite (WPMS)
  • Quick identification and handling of errors
  • Check box for “Remember Me”
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Sender name and email address customization at the backend
  • Default tabs for login, register or reset
  • Multiple language support

Easy Sign Up—WordPress Registration Plugin

Free Download

Five star rating and over ninety thousand downloads indicate how popular Easy Signup Plugin is among the users. With this plugin integrated into your website, you can easily create a registration form that will collect name, email address and other information from the visitors. After doing so, they will be directed to a new webpage that you would have set for them. The plugin boasts of following major accomplishments:

  • Auto response functionality
  • Redirecting user to a specific webpage
  • Lead and email address collection
  • Built-in squeeze page
  • Generation of a customized “Thank You” email for users after signup

Sign-up Sheets—WordPress Registration Plugin

Free Download

The Sign Up Sheets registration plugin will enable you to easily and quickly manage the user registration functionality on the WordPress based website. Over the period of past some months, as many as over ten thousand copies have been downloaded. The prominent features include:

  • Volunteer and timeslot signups
  • Option to copy a sheet
  • You can export all the signup information to CSV file format
  • Club and church volunteer opportunities
  • Schools, PTO and nonprofit volunteer opportunities

All of the above mentioned WordPress registration plugins are available totally free of cost over the platform, and there is no compromise for the advanced functionalities. However, some of these also have premium versions with some additional functions. Summing up, the best quality registration WP plugins would impart a powerful sign up functionality to your website without costing you even a penny. As the features vary, you can go for the one that best suits your demands.

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