5 Best Premium WordPress Themes Designed by Webinane

Webinane – a leading Elite Author on Theme Forest, has created some finest HTML and WordPress based web building tools. The author has produced around two dozen items and none of them is rated less than 4 out of 5. More than half of the products have got the full 5-star rating from the users.

What makes Webinane theme the favorites of experts and novices alike is the refreshing originality, streamlined coding, fast loading, easy setup, convenient customization and, above all, quick and excellent customer support.

After deep, multidimensional scrutiny, I have sorted out 5 best premium WordPress themes designed by Webinane. It was quite a difficult task. I had lots of selection criteria at hand and did not know which one to use as a priority. Finally, a practical idea struck my mind – the customer experience! You would definitely agree that the customer experience tells about the real worth of a product. Won’t you?

Based on how customers find them useful for their projects and give feedback, here are the 5 best premium WordPress themes from Webinane along with their pros and cons.

Lifeline – One of the Best Nonprofit & Charity WordPress Theme of All Times

Features Demo

Lots of charity organizations are emerging in response to increased sufferings in the world and each one wants to play the leading role. Among other things, they have to create an outreaching and inspiring online presence by using a charity WP theme that fulfills all the parameters of a successful online nonprofit project, like Lifeline.

I agree to claim that Lifeline is the best nonprofit and charity WordPress theme of all times on several logical grounds. Firstly, the users have given it more than 4 star ratings on average with over 68% rating it 5-star.

Secondly, the developers have always been regular to update the theme to keep it in pace with the emerging and changing market demands. In three years, more than 3 dozen updates have been launched.

While planning to purchase a theme, individuals and organizations are seriously concerned if they will find it handy to setup and customize the layout and features. Lifeline guarantees quick, 1-click demo install.

There are 13+ unique homepage layouts, literally eliminating the need for creating a new page. Just select a suitable demo and replace the dummy content with that of your own. On the other hand, with ready-to-use elements and a powerful Visual Composer page builder tool, the users can further personalize their NGO website and control and manage all its aspects.

Surely, you’ll find it of the utmost importance for your charity project – the Recurring Online Donations System in Lifeline. It includes multiple online payments processing options, including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and 2Checkout. The recurring donations system convinces and facilitates the potential donors to pay charity amounts on weekly, fortnightly, monthly and yearly basis, etc.

An important source of income for a charity organization is an online shop. Lifeline has a comprehensive and fully managed online shopping system with pages for Cart, Checkout and My Account. From this platform, you can also convince the users to buy different products and donate the same to the poor and the downtrodden.

This was only a brief overview. Won’t you like to explore the structural and functional excellence of the theme yourself? Just go ahead.



Deeds – Refreshingly Cool Church & Fundraising WordPress Theme from Webinane

Features Demo

Events, ministries, prayers, sermons, team and news are tastefully managed in Deeds, one the best church organization WordPress themes in the world. The users can also submit or request a prayer.

The layout is refreshingly cool, creative and flexible. The appearance itself speaks of the religious and spiritual cause of your church project. So, the visitors will develop interest in it and explore it further.

The developers have put special focus on church ministries management. There are separate pages for the Children Ministry, Student Ministry and Parents Ministry. Similarly, you can organize all the sermons on a page and display a detailed version of each sermon on a separate page.

Like Lifeline, Deeds also offers a sophisticated Recurring Donation System with multiple online payment options including PayPal, Braintree, 2Checkout and Stripe. The users can also make payments through Credit Card.

There is extended shop support with individual pages for Products, Single Product, Cart, Checkout, My Account, Wishlist. In this way, the church organization can significantly increase the finances by selling religious items online. Moreover, philanthropists can also buy a product and donate it to people associated with church organization.

As far layout diversity and customization is concerned, Deeds offers you 9+ uniquely crafted and furnished demos. You can give a creative and personalized look to your website without having to create a homepage. However, Visual Composer drag & drop page builder is integrated for quick and convenient editing, if any.

Overall, like other users, you’ll love working with Deeds, one of the 5 best premium WordPress themes designed by Webinane.



Flavia – WooCommerce WordPress Theme for Online Shop

Features Demo

Inspired by the supper successful Amazon shopping platform, small and large wholesale and retail businesses want to harvest the potential of the World Wide Web. The trend of online shopping offering home delivery of products is growing day by day. So, a beautiful and functionally perfect shopping portal will definitely get its market share.

You can build a modernized shop with exquisite design and performance with Flavia super store WordPress theme. It’s complete with Cart, My Account and Checkout facility. Payment can be made online through a quick, step-by-step procedure via PayPal and other payment processing options, including direct bank transfer, check payments and cash on delivery. You can utilize the 6+ Single Product layouts to display different products in a unique style.

The theme also supports a grandiose megamenu serving as a quick-access showcase for products along with their images and discounted prices. The megamenu also features two small product carousels for the latest and most popular products. You can easily personalize it from lots of custom options at the backend.

So, you would like to build a promotional blog on your shop? Here you get 7+ predefined blog building styles. The blog can be used to publish products reviews and other promotional content.

On a big shopping platform, it becomes difficult for the buyers to locate the product of their interest. Flavia makes such a big hassle just the matter of a click. From the product filter option on the header, you can select a relevant product category from the dropdown, enter the name of the item and strike a click on the “Search” button. The “Results” page will display all the products related to your search.

Summing up, Flavia is a modernized shop theme with diverse layouts (8+ homepages) and all the shopping features that you really need.



Restinn – Online Booking One Page WP Theme for Hotel and Resort

Features Demo

Hotels and resorts are closely associated with tourism industry which is flourishing at an exponential rate. Tourists and visitors (for business or other purpose) make arrangements for accommodation and other services beforehand via an online booking portal. In other words, through quick, convenient and personalized booking system, you can increase the clientele for your hotel or resort business by manifolds.

Restinn, a 5-star rated and regularly updated WordPress theme is an ideal choice for single branch or multibranch hotels and resorts with an AJAX-based booking management system. As you click on “Book Now” button, a popup form appears for checking availability of rooms with specified infrastructure and facilities. Give number of children and adults and specify dates for check in and check out. You get all the specs of an available room along with billing details. You can book it now.

There are 8+ demos. The layout of each demo is outstandingly fresh with its deep view parallax effects reflecting the nature of the project, i.e. hotel or resort. Super HD quality video is supported both for the Popup Box and the Featured Area background. Here you can manage the standard, premium, executive and special room categories separately.

Furnished pages are there for managing meeting & events, dining facilities, accommodation, testimonials, branches, services, galleries, history and blog.

Don’t you think it’s an all-inclusive hotel and resort management package with top-of-the-line design and performance? But the user experience and subsequent feedback supports this claim.



Electric – Extremely Flexible Multipurpose WordPress Theme from Webinane

Features Demo

It’s a pack of premium features for superior, streamlined performance. The flexibility goes beyond the bounds. Logically, you can use this featureful and extremely customizable multipurpose theme for any project from simple to complex and basic to advanced.

Do you know Electric premium WordPress theme brings as many as 30+ demos? Each is unique in design, specialized for a specific cause. The predefined demos cover all the niches of portfolio, business, shopping, agency, company, photography, dentist, handyman and freelancer. Some of these demos are listed as under:

(1) Business Blog, (2) Modern Business Blog, (3) Construction Business, (4) Consultation Agency, (5) Freelancer Simple, (6) Creative Business, (7) Creative Dark (Hor. Menu), (8) Agency Home (Kenburns), (9) Large Business (Slider), (10) Agency Homepage, (11) Same Size Portfolio, (12) Zero Gap Portfolio, (13) Uneven Thumb Portfolio, (14) Vertical Thumb Portfolio, (15) Horizontal Thumb Masonary, (16) Even Thumb Vertical Style, (17) Simple Style Portfolio, (18) Creative Texty Portfolio, (19) Simple Portfolio, (20) Photography, (21) Insurance Home, (22) Marketing Home, (23) Finance Home, (24) Dentist Homepage, (25) Handy Man Homepage, (26) Shop Homepage, (27) Shop Simple Home, (28) Agency, (29) Creative Boxy, (30) CV Freelancer Modern.

The powerful Visual Composer drag and drop page builder renders unlimited customization powers to the theme. The developers of Electric have further added to the potential of Visual Composer by providing custom VC elements. So, the customization not only becomes extensive but also easy. Several multi-step processes have been compressed to on/off buttons.

The layout is refreshingly cool with the dynamic parallax effecting further contributing to its energy and vibrancy. Meanwhile, the enhanced typography makes the content pleasing to read. Here you have fully developed pages for the projects, offers and news blog with pagination support.

WooCommerce powered shopping support is also provided with PayPal and other gateways for making online payments. The cart appears as a sticky icon to the side and opens as a popup window to view its contents. From here you can proceed to the checkout. On checkout page, there is also the feature of discount coupons. Supported payment options include Check, PayPal and Credit Card. The shop demo also includes pages for blog and new arrivals.



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